Dolton Public Library District

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August 18, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes




August 18, 2014

7:00 pm

Vice-President Jackson called the regular meeting of the Dolton Public Library District to order at 7:00pm.  Response to roll call was as follows:

            Aye:                Trustees Johnson, Bendell, Gray and Jackson.

            Absent:            Trustees Brown and Robinson.

Also present:   Attorney Angelo Vitiritti and Administrative Librarian Jay Kalman.

Introduction of Visitors and Public Comments:    Vivienne Williams of Dolton, IL.

Trustee Brown arrived at 7:04pm.

Awarding of Construction Bids:     Ron McGrath, Tria Architects informed the trustees of the amount of the lowest bidder which was for the roofing and HVAC projects and that bid came in at $540,000.00 for the newer roof which includes metal coping all around the building and $170,000.00 for the alternate bid which is the other roof.  Midwest Environmental Consulting Services contacted Tria concerning the asbestos issue.  The ceiling and some of the flooring contain asbestos.  Tria will contact the three companies that did the bidding for the asbestos testing and have them submit a proposal for an abatement project.  Midwest Environmental Consulting gave Tria a price of $64,300.00 for the job.

Trustee Robinson arrived at 7:09pm.

Interior Renovation Project:  These are rough numbers of what these costs could be…

Flooring replacement (carpet and tile) for the whole building, moving books, ceiling, lighting, renovating the public restrooms, new circulation desk up to $25,000.00, wall accents 50,000.00, reorganizing the adult and young adult areas, media lab, computers in the open with power enclosed in the floor and renovating the auditorium kitchenette and AV room.  This will all be bid out as a separate project in the spring and by doing it this way we will know approximately what monies we have to spend.  Some things can be scaled up or down depending on money.  Right now with figures on this phase it is in the $1.5 million and that make us $375,000.00 over budget.  If you don’t accept the alternate bid it brings us down to $200,000.00 over budget. 

Trustee Bendell left at 7:28pm.

The company with the lowest bid was Continental Construction and Tria has worked with them before.  Vice-President Jackson asked how many African Americans will be working on this project to which Mr. McGrath said he didn’t know but would find out. 

A motion was made to award the construction bid to Continental Construction both the base bid and the alternate bid and was seconded.

Roll Call:        Ayes:  Trustees Gray, Robinson, Johnson, Brown and Jackson.

                        Absent:           Trustees Bendell.

Motion Carried.

Approval of Tentative Budget:        We don’t have to approve a tentative budget. Our tentative budget is based on last year’s working budget so no action needs to be taken.

Appointment of New Trustee:            Approximately two months ago everyone received Ms. Vivienne Williams resume.

A motion was made to appoint Ms. Vivienne Williams as a Trustee to the Board and was seconded.

Roll Call:        Ayes:  Trustees Gray, Robinson, Johnson, Brown and Jackson.

                        Absent:           Trustees Bendell.

Motion Carried.

Ms. Vivienne Wallace Williams will be sworn in at the next regular meeting by Attorney Vitiritti.

Election of Officers:  Trustee Jackson was nominated to be President and no one else was nominated. Vote - All in favor.

Nominations for Vice-President – Trustee Johnson and Trustee Williams.  A silent vote was taken and Trustee Johnson received four votes and Trustee Williams received two votes.  Vice-President is Trustee Johnson.

Appointment of Committees:

Finance Committee:    Trustees Bendell, Robinson and Brown.

Personnel Committee: Trustees Jackson, Williams and Johnson.

Planning Committee:  Trustees Johnson, Gray, Robinson and Bendell.

Building & Grounds Committee:       Trustees Jackson, Williams and Johnson.

President Jackson told everybody at this meeting she is so proud of this group and we are going to get the project finished and will go on to the next one.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at and was seconded.

Roll Call:        Ayes:  Trustees Gray, Robinson, Johnson, Brown, Williams and Jackson.

                        Absent:           Trustee Bendell.

Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.