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April 3, 2014 Special Meeting Minutes




April 3, 2014

President Hearon called the special meeting of the Dolton Public Library District to order and Secretary Brown was asked to call roll at 6:24pm. 

Response to roll call was as follows:

            Aye:    Trustees Johnson, Bendell, Gray, Jackson, Brown and Robinson.

Also present:   Temporary Administrative Librarian Jay Kalman, Attorney Angelo Vitiritti and Mr. Doug Pfeifer of Dewberry Architects.

Action Plan – Status Update:

President Hearon began by giving a status report update of everything that has been going on for the past week.

Locks have been changed and all pass codes have been changed.

Administrator Kalman has been added to the business account at Standard Bank as well as Trustee Robinson.  We also found out that Trustee Robinson went to the bank with Ms. Heard in September and she believed she went through the process of being put on the bank accounts but was actually never put on the bank accounts.  She too has now been added to the accounts.  Six Trustees are now on the bank account and all cards have been signed.  President Hearon also stated that he and Administrator Kalman are the only ones on the petty cash account.  Administrator Kalman has also put in for a debit card and he will have control of that.  Also in taking care of other financial matters myself and Trustee Johnson went to the Standard Bank, located in Pete’s Market of Calumet City, and spoke to Ms. Blount who is the assistant bank manager and we were informed that back in the later part of January there were several deposits, and you probably saw them on the bank statement, that there were deposits totaling around $80,000.00.  Two cash deposits were for over $30,000.00 when our usual deposits are for around $2,000.00 or $3,000.00.  When this was found out I contacted Tim to let him know and he made contact with the State’s Attorney’s Office.  These deposits were made at the Calumet City branch of Standard Bank.  Due to the fact of what we have going on here this needed to be dealt with.

Also it is my understanding the auditor has made contact with the State and as far as the audits are concerned and as of right now the State is willing to accept what we doing.  The auditor has sent a letter that we have hired them and are they are working on the audit.  The State informed them that they want an update every two week to make sure that things are moving forward.  Administrator Kalman now has the ability to get into the bank accounts and can pull bank records to get them over to O’Neill & Gaspardo.  As long as we are in compliance, I think we will be Ok with the way the process is going.

ADP payroll has been taken care of.  Administrator Kalman, myself, Trustees Jackson and Robinson have been added to the account if we need to pull any records we can.  Administrator Kalman will control day to day functions and Trustee Robinson should be there because she is the Treasurer.

Locks have been changed in the business office.  All doors associated with the office, which there are five of them, have all been changed.  The business office is now isolated off so any keys that might still be around won’t work.  Administrator Kalman has the master key for all doors and so does the President.  Any problems, it will come down to me or Administrator Kalman.  Checks and balances.  The combination to the safe has been found and Administrator Kalman has it.  Anything we do with petty cash can now be locked in the safe.  If you didn’t know it, loose cash was found in several filing cabinets totaling around $3,800.00 in all sorts of bags.  Money can now be stored in the safe and it was instructed that any cabinet with a loose padlock on it needs to be changed.  We don’t know who had keys and now they won’t be able it get into anything.  The only other person who has the combination to the safe is myself.  Checks and balances, everything falls on myself and Administrator Kalman.  Administrator Kalman needs the full support of the Trustees to do his job, to move this library forward, to get the library where we need to be.  To work with O’Neill & Gaspardo, to work with the State and to hire employees.

Administrator Kalman has been instructed by myself to make sure that we have Quicken books or other services on the computer or whatever he needs to get information to O’Neill & Gaspardo.  I told him, as of April 1st that he is to make sure he labels and keeps track of whatever he is doing so this will protect us as well as Administrator Kalman.  Administrator Kalman mentioned that Quicken books for the non profit business version is around $2,000.00 and as of yet he can find no one who is willing to bill us and that we might need a cashier’s check.  I informed Administrator Kalman that he is the Librarian and he would handle the business.

Hopefully by the end of the month I will have committees appointed.  I have asked all Trustees to start thinking of things that need to be done.  One point I suggested was that the Trustee By-Laws needed to be worked on.  Let’s try to have committee reports so we can work on information together.

The garage is going to have to be part of the renovation project.  The roof has holes in it and is leaking.  Dumpsters have been brought in to start this clean up.  Trees are being worked on by a landscaper, a Dewberry Architect is here tonight and Administrator Kalman has been working hard with O’Neill & Gaspardo.  So far Administrator Kalman has done a great job by taking the bull by the horns.  He will handle things how he sees fit and that means staff also.  Also the landscaper will be filling in the soil depression by the entry way. 

Also a former Trustee, Treasurer at that time, was not on the petty cash accounts but the maintenance man John Sitarz was.  Everything is now in order with all bank accounts.

Versatile Computers – We have a computer maintenance contract with them and they have done nothing since May or June of last year.  Trustees were concerned if they were still around and have even gone looking for them.  There was an invoice for around $4,500.00 and the Trustees want to know if they were here and any work was done.  Administrator Kalman will look into this matter and have a report for the next meeting.

And one last thing before Mr. Pfeifer takes over, the copier update.  Administrator Kalman is checking into this and will see the company representative next week .  The $4,000.00 copy machine is a refurbished one.  A Trustee brought information to Administrator Kalman’s attention that two copiers are down at the circulation desk and this needs to be taken care of.

Unfinished Business – Library Renovation Project:

Mr. Pfeifer of Dewberry Architects was present and wanted to thank Administrator Kalman for asking him here tonight and to thank the Trustees for choosing Dewberry.  After a lengthy discussion the Dewberry firm wants 10% of the construction costs and the Trustees want to give 6% of the costs.  To Dewberry this will mean paying less and providing less service.  Dewberry does want the contract and might be willing to reduce their fees.  President Hearon felt Dewberry might come down to 8 or 8.5% and the attorney will look at whatever contract will be presented.  This Board will be involved in this project and the President asked Administrator Kalman what he thought.  Administrator Kalman respond by saying that on a remodeling project 10% is the average and they usually don’t go down much and for a new building they will usually cost much less. President Hearon stated that if 10% is a fair market price we shouldn’t have a problem with it.  Remember this is new to us and the first time we have attempted a project like this as a Board so we will have questions.

A Trustee suggested that the President create his committee on the Building Project.

            Vice-President, Sherry Jackson, Chairperson

            Trustee, Cathy Bendell

            Secretary, Alisa Brown

All will work with Administrator Kalman and any Trustee can attend any committee meeting.

A motion was made and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

Roll Call Vote:

Aye:    Trustees Hearon, Johnson, Bendell, Gray, Jackson, Brown and Robinson.

Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned.