Dolton Public Library District

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Books & More

What's on our shelves?

The library offers all types of media to our patrons. We offer books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, Records, Magazines and more. The library is now divided into two sides, The Children's side and the Adult side. Each section is housed in a separate room located on opposites ends of the Circulation Desk.

The Children's Collection


The Youth section contains books classified as:

  • Primer (P - recommended for beginning/pre-school readers)

  • Easy (E - recommended for kindergarten - 2nd grade readers)

  • Juvenile (J - recommended for 3rd grade - 7th/8th grade readers)

  • Teenage (* - recommended for ages 8th/9th grade readers)

  • Young Adult (YA - recommended for ages 9th - 11th grade readers)

  • Paperback (PB)

  • Large Type (LT)

  • Mysteries (MYS)

  • Science Fiction (SF)

  • Non-Fiction
  • Movies
  • Magazines
  • Records

Additionally, certain fiction items will also contain genre stickers, representing particular types of literature.  The various genres include:  Adventure, Animal Story, Award Winner, Black Author, Board Book, Caldecott Medal Winner, Christian, Classic, Dinosaur, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Folklore, Ghost Story, Gothic Romance, Historical, Holiday, Horror, Love Story, Newbery Medal Winner, Reading Rainbow, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Sea Story, Short Story, Small Book, Sports, and Suspense.

(Parent and teacher resources)

The Adult Collection


The Non-Fiction collection contains books which are considered to contain factual information.  These books utilize Dewey Decimal Numbers as the basis of the call number.  The room is mainly divided into Adult and Youth sections, as well as specialized areas of interest:  Black Heritage/History, Biographies, Encyclopedias (Circulating), Large Type, New Readers, Reference Materials, Science Project, and Vocational Resources (Career information and study guides).

The basic Dewey Decimal classifications are:

  • 000-099:  Computers and Generalities

  • 100-199:  Philosophy and Psychology

  • 200-299:  Religion

  • 300-399:  Social Sciences

  • 400-499:  Language

  • 500-599:  Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • 600-699:  Health/Applied Sciences, Self Help and Technology

  • 700-799:  The Fine and Decorative Arts

  • 800-899:  Literature and Rhetoric

  • 900-999:  Geography and History

What else is available at the Library?

Aside from books, the Dolton Public Library District offers a wide range of additional resources.

  • Access to online resources

  • Audio Books (available on audio cassette or compact disc)

  • Equipment (8 mm film projector, 6mm film projector, motion picture screens, slide projector, etc.)
  • Foreign Language Learning Materials (available on audio cassette, compact disc or VHS cassette)

  • Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

  • Maps

  • Microfiche and Microfilm

  • Museum Adventure Passes (available at the Reference Desk)

  • Music (available on audio cassette, compact disc or vinyl record)

  • Pamphlets (Illinois Rules of the Road, Pace and Metra schedules, etc.)

  • Videos (available on DVD or VHS cassette)