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Technical Services

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We process your materials behind-the-scenes

The Technical Services Department is the section of the library which orders, catalogs, processes, and enters all library materials onto the database.  There are four people in this department.  One is full-time and the others are part-time.

The library receives catalogs in the mail.  The Periodicals Clerk puts a routing slip on each catalog and gives them to the selectors in the Adult Services and Youth Services Departments.  After the selectors have chosen the items they want, the catalogs are given to the Acquisitions Clerk.  The the database is checked to see if the library already owns the items.  If it doesn't, the items are put on order and then ordered from a jobber.  When the items come in, the Acquisitions Clerk opens the boxes, checks the packing list/invoice against the items received, pulls the confirmation cards and puts them with the items, tallies the items on the New Material Sheet, and gives them to the person who selected them.  If the items are accepted, they are then given to the Technical Services Supervisor for cataloging.

When an item is cataloged, a shelf list card is typed up with all the purchasing information on it.  A barcode is put inside each item and a call number label is typed up and attached.  After the items are cataloged, they are given to the Processing Clerk.  The items are stamped with the library ownership stamp, the call number, purchasing information, and barcode number are written inside the item, and a date due slip is taped inside.  The items are then given back to the Technical Services Supervisor for entry onto the database.  New items are given to the Circulation Department to shelve.  Other items are put on carts for Library Pages to shelve.  The items are now ready for the public to check out.

Location & Hours

14037 Lincoln Avenue
Dolton, IL 60419

(708) 849-2385

(708) 841-6640

Mon-Thu:  9am-9pm
Fri-Sat:  9am-5pm
Sun (Sept. - May):  12pm-4pm


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Search MLS' SWAN Online Catalog

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